About Us

Martin Smith started the studio in late 1987 after a term in the Electric Light Orchestra, following a career as a producer, musician and writer spanning the previous two decades.

Although this was still the early days of computer based recording, it became apparent to him that this was going to be the future.

Today some twenty two years later he is running a 'state -of-the-art' Pro-tools HD based studio, working as a composer for Universal Production Music, and producing/engineering many different and varied acts. [see client list]

The Studio consists of the standard format of Live Room and Control Room.

The space is modest but more than capable for recording full drum kit and many bands have recorded their tracks ensemble.[see testimonials]

The studio is well equipped with great sounding industry standard pre-amps and mikes. [see gear list]

Projects can be taken from conception through to mixing and mastering fully in-house if required.

Visit the Music page for some examples.

Additionally the raw data can be supplied either on DVD or Hard Drive backup depending on requirements .We also have full F.T.P. capabilities.
See our Backup Policy for more info on backup requirements

The studio is available for hire just contact us for more information.